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January 2017


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Jan. 22nd, 2017

Marchers Marching

Yesterday millions of people, women mostly, gathered and marched. I have been deeply conflicted about this whole "Women's March". Nearly every single friend/acquaintance of mine felt the call to attend. For a long time I felt like I just wasn't "getting it". But here's how I see it. The Women's March was a thinly veiled protest against the newly elected president. Just him. NOT women's rights. I am very supportive of their right to protest for ANY reason. But he hadn't done anything specific (other than be a twat). He hasn't attacked women's rights or issues...yet (other than be a twat).

My only hope here is that these protesters are heard and that there is thus no attempt to further infringe on the issues that most directly affect women first. For the record, these "women's issues" affect EVERYONE, women are just the first wave hit by things like no access to reproductive healthcare and exams to screen for cancers, etc.

But I fear that what will really happen is what Trump has shown to do in the past is to punch back. To level an attack on the group he perceives to have struck him.

I choked up when I heard Trump getting sworn in. A process that is deeply meaningful to me and the overwhelming majority of Americans. Truth is, I question his loyalty to our country. I question whether that oath means much of anything to him. He has repeatedly displayed behavior that clearly (to me) shows he only has loyalty to himself.

I get wanting to protest that. I couldn't commit myself because I couldn't see the clear line between the name on the march and the march's true intent. I hope that when the shit really hits the fan that those protesters will be back.